This Thanksgiving
I am thankful
Broken C7s and slighted T1s.
Speeding buses without seatbelts, and ditches unseen.
Human error, divine protection, and abundant grace.  
For all the things that make you grateful that it could’ve been worse. 
For knowing that life is glorious and precious
Never promised. 
New adventures, open spaces wide.
Ordinary extravagance,
Magnificent eminence.
Rolling green utopias lush, clear glacial waters blue.
Abundant time and memories.
Faces. Reflections. Old and new.
Good reports.
Magic numbers well within the range
Continued health, sublime.
No presence here,
We hear him say
In the passage of this time.
All experiences
Dreadful and sweet.
Opportunities unrealized
By eyes that cannot see.
 Windows of beginnings,
And doors with no keys.
Traveling over the threshold
Timing.  Impeccably.
Each new day not only a
Beginning and an end
But to give.
Warm sunlight, loud colors, cold breezes
A smile.
An opportunity to sit at the table
A feast for the senses.
Renewed hope
Awakened again.
Perspective broad
New, focused, and clear.
For in the presence of light
Darkness disappears.
Bullets dodged
Lies revealed.
Sensitivity and a child-like heart.
For eyes that can see
Lightness and dark.
For clarity of mind
Present, observant, and keen.
A heart that is open
Give and receive.
Surprises and fun.
Piano echoing
Two amazing sons.
Food that is worth it
Shared with a friend.
Dark chocolate
A good run at its end.
The cold side of the pillow
In the middle of the night.
The moment you know it’s Saturday
And can stay snuggled in tight.

Sitting next to the fireplace on a cold, blustery day.
Hard rain, metal roof
Cashmere blankets gray.
Kisses lingering soft touches sweet.
A good book
Hot tea.

Sunday mornings
Coffee and rest.
The perfect 3-minute egg
A jelly piece
Momo breakfasts.
This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for the ordinary
In an unordinary world.
I’m grateful for
The simple,
For what are you thankful?
Happy Thanksgiving!
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Kristie Putt