Are you looking for a way to preserve your wedding day florals? 25 years ago, when I was a bride, we dried our bridal bouquets, carefully wrapped them in a bag, placed them in a box and hoped for the best! Times have certainly changed. Now, modern brides want a more personal and permanent record of the flowers that were chosen as a symbol of their love. They want a custom painting to hang in their home that will be a daily reminder of their most cherished day. A sentimental work of art to be treasured and passed down for generations. Unfortunately, flowers don’t last forever, but by painting them, we can preserve them almost forever!

Whether you are currently planning your wedding, are newly married, or were married many years ago, a painting of your bridal bouquet is created from photographs, so it is never too late. Parents of the bride & groom love to give this gift to the couple as a first year anniversary gift. Families also love to give this unique and meaningful gift to parents who have been married for many years as a special anniversary gift. 

I paint each of your bouquets onto professional grade canvas with 1.5” gallery wrap sides, using fine quality acrylic paints. Your piece will be varnished and ready to hang when you receive it. If you prefer to have your painting framed, I can use a shallow canvas instead. I do not offer framing at this time. On average, a painting takes between 30-50 hours to complete and is completely one of a kind.

Because I work from photographs, distance is no issue. Everything is handled via email and the finished painting is shipped directly to you. Typically allow 6-8 weeks for completion.



1. Fill out the contact form and send me a couple photos of your bouquet at:

2. I will recommend the best size and orientation design for your painting.

3. We discuss details like size, design, colors, timeframe, and price. A short agreement is signed and a 50% deposit is made.

4. I will send you periodic updates and sneak peeks along the way as I create the painting.

5. The painting is completed, varnished, and shipped to you. Payment in full is due prior to shipping.


I would be honored to create a beautiful, lasting work of art for you or for someone you love. Please contact me for more information or any special requests you may have.



Here are some popular sizes, but we can work with any size.

16” x 20”    $750

20” x 20”    $850

18” x 24”    $900

24” x 24”    $1100

16” x 40”    $1400

24” x 36”    $1700

30” x 30”    $1800

24" x 48"    $2300

30” x 40”    $2500

36” x 36”    $2500

30” x 48”    $2800

*36” x 48”    $3000

*This size is best for over a headboard or sofa.

Receive a 20% discount when you order a bundle package of a live wedding painting and a bridal bouquet painting!


- Ralph Waldo Emerson