Having your event or wedding day captured in an unexpectedly creative way is the hottest new experience in the wedding industry. Live event painting is a fun and retro way to preserve and relive your special day with an original and bespoke work of art. And if your event has already happened, it’s never too late to commission a painting from photos.

Special events like weddings, parties, corporate events, and celebrations deserve that unique, luxurious touch. Each painting is unexpected entertainment for your guests and a timeless treasure of your special day. I use professional grade canvas and fast drying, high quality acrylic paints using a painterly impressionistic style to capture the joy of the moment.

I want you to be completely happy with your piece and will collaborate with you to be sure to capture the particular moment that will celebrate your unique story. Any special moment can be the spotlight of the painting - exchanging of vows, a dance, the cake, a toast, or leaving in the honeymoon car - it is completely up to you. For all events, you decide what you would like to have captured prior to the event, then I plan for the perfect vantage point.

On the day of the event, I will arrive early to get the background and underpainting done, so that as guests arrive, the painting is already in progress. Then I will continue to paint throughout the event for a total of 4-5 hours and the guests can watch the painting unfold. After the event, I take the painting to my studio for the finishing touches. You will receive a photo of the finished piece, and we will arrange for shipment, delivery, or pick up at the studio. Completion time takes approximately 2 weeks to allow for drying time and varnishing.

If I am already booked for your event date, I can create a piece from photographs as well. People love this for anniversary gifts!  Kristie Leigh travels worldwide.



*24” x 36”    $2000

* Other sizes may be considered. Please contact Kristie to discuss.

Some brides choose to have two different moments captured on two separate canvases, (Ceremony and Reception).  Please inquire to discuss a package price for this option.

Also, receive a 20% discount when you order a bundle package of a live wedding painting and a bridal bouquet painting!



Thank You Cards: Create custom thank you cards or greeting cards from your painting.

Prints on Canvas: Prints can be made of your original painting to share with others!

Contact Kristie for more information on these products.


- Danny Kaye